Well lets just dive right into it then

Well lets just dive right into it then shall we!

Hells Bells its been a long time since I’ve shared my thoughts out here on the interweb! For that I am sorry – I have been consumed by Reebok, fitness, changing people’s lives and making one helluva difference in this world! So actually, sorry that I’m not sorry! Continue reading


CrossFit Games Analysis (Charts)

During my morning CrossFit blog run-through today I stumbled upon what I see as an absolute gem!

Anders Larson is a CrossFitter from Indianapolis, USA, and has a fair grasp for actuarial/statistical concepts. What he has done is morph his love for CrossFit into his knowledge of statistics, and has come out with the love-child of Rain Man and Rich Froning Jnr! Continue reading

Time has healed, mind has focussed!

Hello, Hi, Bonjourno!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything up here but truth be told I took a little break from everything to ponder life and what not. Deep, I know. This small break has allowed my body to rest up before some serious Crossfitting takes place in the upcoming months – it’s competition season baby!!! Continue reading

CrossFit DurBell – New Box! (Photo)

This really excites me! I always rant on about how much I want to be part of the growth of CrossFit in South Africa and the wheels are turning yet again!

CrossFit DurBell is a new box that is about to open in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Based on the rugby players I have encountered in my past from the region, I can’t wait to see the beasts that this box produces! Continue reading